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Let’s create a sustainable, innovative and open Space to live and work in nature!

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The Vision

“How do we want to live, learn and work in the future?”

At the Alsenhof, we would like to explore this question together with different people and design and operate a laboratory for sustainable, innovative and open living and working environments.

Currently we are in the process of founding a cooperative in order to be able to offer the spatial, economic, ideational and communicative framework within which the members can actively and partially autonomously contribute.


The Alsenhof project sees itself as an evolving ecosystem. We are now looking for people to become active with us: 

    • Become part of the pioneer group as a co-living resident
    • Host your retreat or event here
    • Run our café
    • start your (learning) workshop or your business
    • support us in building up the Marktschwärmerei or
    • come to work in our Co-Working Space

The Place

The former farm is located on the outskirts of Lägerdorf and combines the tranquility of nature with good connections to infrastructure and village life.
It consists of a beautiful residential house, a huge stable with hayloft and a spacious garden.
All these areas together create a place where people from the city and the countryside contribute together to the common good transformation of our society.

The building blocks of the project

Our project consists of several complementary building blocks. These will flesh out and evolve over the course of the project. Here is an initial overview:

Co-Working: On 400 m² our coworking space allows working close to nature with rural charm for creative people and self-employed from the city and the surrounding area. Join us!
Co-Living: In our beautiful, spacious residential building with garden, we offer 7 rooms for short- or long-term roommates. If you want to be part of an innovative, warm and inspiring living and working project, you are right here with us. Join us for weeks, months or longer!
Co-Creation: In the 2000 square meter barn, in addition to coworking, a variety of co-creative, analogue creation will find space. We are looking forward to people who want to use and design these spaces on site. From workshops, makerspace, photo lab, exhibitions, seminar rooms to café/restaurant, everything is possible and desired. The space is there – here it needs you. If you want to realize your heart’s project as part of our cooperative, please join us!
Green Spaces: The residential building and the hall are each surrounded by large gardens that welcome creative, sustainable and innovative uses. Permaculture gardens, tiny houses and a hammock café are planned. If you have ideas and want to make something happen here, please join us!


You want to explore with us how regenerative living, learning and working in the countryside could look like in the future?

We invite you to come by for short or long term to

– get involved in the further development of the farm or realize your own project here or

– spend a workation here: warm community, nature and a beautiful coworking space inspire you for your work. 

Details are on our Co-Living-Page.

Come by, we look forward to seeing you!


Community-Host wanted

We are looking for a Community Host from one month up to several months. Have an extraordinary experience meeting wonderful people. Be part of this exciting journey and help shape the Alsenhof.

For the duration of your engagement we offer you a free room in our community and the possibility to use our co-creation space for your own projects as well.

More details in the PDF 👇  (sorry, german text only for now, but english speakers are welcome)

Click to open PDF


We are happy to have Björn Budack, founder of Kiez Büro, on board, offering coworking on 400 m² in our hall. He has several locations that are united by a common aspiration: They are an easily accessible workspace that offers a relaxed environment for variable work, from concentrated to communicative.
The large area of the coworking space in Alsenhof offers the alternation between a lively café atmosphere and spaces for working in silence. In the warm season, there are beautiful outdoor workspaces.

  • Coworking flex desk € 139
  • Coworking fix desk € 219
  • Day pass € 19
  • 10-day pass € 129
  • Meeting room per hour € 9
  • Meeting room per day € 45

In combination with Co-Living you can cowork at a reduced price. Feel free to contact us.

If you have any questions please contact: irina@alsenhof.de
More about the Kiez Büro: www.kiez-buero.de



Meeting Room

Open Spaces

You could live and work on these areas in the future. There is a lot of room for ideas.

Hall with silo towers


Co-Living House





Seminar room

Seminar room with kitchen


We would like to open a market hawker shop at the Alsenhof and thus offer the possibility to order food from the region online and pick it up once a week. This way you can support local agriculture and get to know the producers of the food personally.

Swarm with us and register in the swarming via


The sooner the swarm is big enough, the sooner we can start!

What you can experience here

We have something for everyone – whether you are looking for peace and quiet, curious about nature and the surroundings, or want to lend a hand:

  • We have comfortable hammocks and slacklines in the garden
  • Feel free to use our yoga and meditation room for your practice
  • In Lägerdorf there is an outdoor swimming pool and a local museum
  • With our 2-person kayak you can go paddling in the Breitenburg Canal, the Amazon of Schleswig-Holstein, 5 minutes from our house.
  • With the bicycle or the car you can discover different bathing lakes in the proximity.
  • In Glücksstadt you can experience the danish flair at the river Elbe.
  • If you feel like handcrafting and gardening, there are many possibilities to do so in our region
Kayak - Breitenburger Kanal


Every other week on Wednesdays from 6-7pm, you can get to know us and ask questions at our open networking meeting. The next dates are:
Wednesday 09.6. 18:00
Wednesday 23.6. 18:00 o’clock
Wednesday 07.7. 18:00 o’clock
etc. (odd calendar weeks)

Just dial in with your browser here: https://meet.alsenhof.de


We are looking for people who want to join us in bringing this place to life and who, as part of our cooperative, feel like helping us with
(1) support us in building up the overall project and/or
(2) offer own projects/businesses on site that fit our values – appreciative, community-oriented, meaningful.

You have the opportunity to build your project or business on our premises. We can well imagine one of the following areas (but are also open to other ideas):

  • Permaculture and horticulture
  • Gastronomy
  • Shops/membershops or the like
  • (Learning) workshops/makerspace

We look forward to welcoming you and offer you a diverse and warm community as well as lots of space and room for creativity!

How much time you want to spend on site is up to you (whether primarily virtual, on single days or even longer).

We welcome your support of the overall project. This can range from a few hours to permanent team membership. These are the areas we suggest for your contribution:

  • Event Management
  • Social media marketing and communication
  • Meeting formats with the local population
  • Development of food supply (Solawi, Foodcoop, or similar)
  • Fundraising
  • Gardening (building compost, planting…)
  • Handicraft activities (e.g. preparing rooms, painting, …)
  • Establishment of cooperations

The Founders-Team



Expertise & Passion
  • New Work
  • CoWorking Mentoring
  • Gründungsberatung
  • Persönlichkeitsentwicklung


Langfristige Miete Halle
Co-Living Facilitator
Lebt im Co-Living

Erster Sinn
Videoproduktion für nachhaltige Organisationen

Expertise und Passion
  • Konzeption, Dreh, Schnitt, Animation
  • Zero Waste und nachhaltiges Leben
  • Experte zum Thema Co-Living, nachhaltiges Unternehmertum, digitales Nomadenleben
  • Coach für Sinn in der beruflichen Entwicklung
Community Host
Lebt im Co-Living



Expertise & Passion
  • Multipotentialite
  • Language & Communication Coach (Business English)
  • Event manager
  • Dancer
  • Kitchen Fairy
Co-Living Facilitatorin
Lebt im Co-Living mit Sohn Tammo und Kater Plamen

Gesundheitsförderung und Teamentwicklung im Freien

Expertise & Passion
  • Generalistin
  • Küchenfee
  • Human Design (5/1 MG, emotional Authority)
  • Permakultur
  • alles was kreucht und fleucht

Kreative Nordlichter e.V.
Kreative Benefiz-Projekte für die Kinderkrebststation Kiel

Expertise & Passion
  • Fotografie
  • uvm…




The development of the Alsenhof was initiated by CoWorkLand eG. CoWorkLand eG accompanies and advises the Alsenhof team from team building and business model development to the founding of the cooperative and is itself involved in the development of the coworking offering. More about CoWorkLand eG: www.coworkland.de

Tag der offenen Tür

Habt ihr Lust uns und den Ort kennenzulernen? 

Wir freuen uns sehr, Weggefährten für den Weg in eine nachhaltig-sinnvolle Zukunft kennenzulernen 🙂

 Jeden zweiten Samstag von 14 – 17 Uhr.

Wir möchten uns Zeit für jeden von euch nehmen. Deshalb freuen wir uns, wenn ihr euch hier eintragt, wann ihr vorbeikommen möchtet.

Keep me up to date

We have a lot planned for the future. Would you like to hear about it when the time comes?

How to arrive here

– Via public transport –

From Kiel

Take the train from Kiel -> Wrist
Wrist: Bus 15 -> Itzehoe
Itzehoe: Bus 6512 -> Exit: Feuerwehr, Lägerdorf

From Hamburg

By train from Hamburg -> Itzehoe (sometimes you have to switch trains in Elmshorn) 
Itzehoe: Bus 6512 -> Exit: Feuerwehr, Lägerdorf

Very lovely: ride the last 6 km from Itzehoe by bike 🚴 🌳


Dorfstraße 15
25566 Lägerdorf

or just search for “Alsenhof” on Google-Maps.


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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Want to live short or longterm with us?

Want to Co-Work with us?

You would like to become active here with your project
or get involved?

You want to stay up to date?

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